Jerry Lawler hospital
Despite suffering a massive case of heartburn on live TV, Jerry Lawler was eating fried food hours later while under observation at a Tampa hospital.

Fans of professional wrestling were shocked this week when, during a live broadcast of WWE Raw, color commentator suddenly suffered a massive case of heartburn.

Lawler had just finished eating some beef pepperoni sticks from The Kosher Butcher — the winner of a WWE charitable contest — when he doubled over with acute abdominal discomfort due to gastric reflux.

Although the TV cameras panned away from the commentary table, it was obvious that something was drastically amiss, as wrestlers kept glancing over to see what was the matter.

Fans watching at home knew something was wrong when “The King” belched loudly, groaned, and stopped talking altogether.

Quick-thinking WWE medics rushed to the scene and saved the day by providing the ailing Lawler with two tablespoons of Pepto Bismol.

Out of respect for Lawler, play-by-play commentator Michael Cole remained silent for the remainder of the broadcast aside from frequent plugs of the WWE smartphone app.

Lawler is expected to make a full recovery, but doctors have warned that he may never snap into a Slim Jim again.