stupid idiot chris jericho
Chris Jericho says his public belittlement of stupid idiots is “just for show,” but Gawker has obtained an audio recording of him saying he wouldn’t want his daughter to date a stupid idiot.

Professional wrestler Chris Jericho has once again landed in legal hot water after making “defamatory and disparaging remarks about stupid idiots,” sparking a lawsuit by the regulatory body that oversees stupid idiocy.

The American Association of Stupid Idiots announced today it is suing Jericho (real name Christopher Jericho) for $100 million for inciting discrimination against an entire class of people.

“The vast majority of the American populace are stupid idiots,” reads a press release issued this morning by the AASI, “and we don’t appreciate some smart-aleck Canadian pointing it out all the time.”

Jericho has run afoul political-correctness police before, such as the time he was successfully sued by the American Foundation for Filthy, Dirty, Disgusting, Brutal, Bottom-Feeding Trash-Bag Hoes.

The attorneys behind the latest lawsuit say the case will be dropped if Jericho apologizes to stupid idiots everywhere and promises to never, evvverrr slander them agayn.