Y2AJ real life
Chris Jericho (left) once again struggles to get along with enemy and roommate AJ Styles.

After their acrimonious falling-out this past Monday, professional wrestlers Chris Jericho and AJ Styles are mutually regretting their idea to book shared hotel rooms several weeks in advance.

The duo — formerly known as Y2AJ, until Jericho’s dastardly betrayal of Styles on Monday Night Raw — have been struggling to co-exist in cramped hotel rooms across the country.

Both men looked haggard and unkempt this morning after a night of bickering over who gets relegated to the sofabed, which channel to watch on TV, and who would have first dibs on the shower.

They tried to reach a compromise Wednesday night in Tallahassee by sharing the bed in a head-to-toe arrangement, but were mortified when they awoke spooning, Jericho’s hand nestled between what he mistakenly believed to be pillows.

Although they could easily book separate rooms, neither man wants to pay the $25 fee for changing a reservation, and are thus at a stalemate.

Jericho insists he will travel alone from now on to ensure he never, eeeeevvver makes the same mistake agayn.