jericho fandango rematch
Fandango (inset) was visibly distraught after being forced to listen to Chris Jericho’s band, Fozzy.

After suffering an embarrassing loss to flamboyant rookie Fangango at WrestleMania 29, Chris Jericho got his revenge today when he forced Fandango to listen to the latest Fozzy album in its entirety.

Fandango was visibly distraught after Jericho locked him in a dressing room and blared a copy of Sin & Bones, the 2012 album by Jericho’s heavy metal band.

According to sources close to Fandango, the ballroom dancer attempted to stab his eardrums with a pencil while being forced to endure Jericho’s shrill voice hollering songs like “Sandpaper” and “Spider in My Mouth.”

This was not the first time Jericho used such a technique for vengeance on former opponents.

He once forced CM Punk to watch all of his appearances on Dancing with the Stars.