Chris Jericho
Fozzy vocalist Chris Jericho (left) collapsed moments after this photo was taken, overburdened by the mass of his own ego.

Wrestler-turned-rocker Chris Jericho collapsed onstage during a performance by his metal band, Fozzy, reportedly succumbing to the weight of his own ego.

Jericho was rushed to a medical centre in Minneapolis, where doctors worked for several hours to unburden Jericho from underneath his inflated sense of self-satisfaction.

“Mr. Jericho is now in stable condition, but we need to monitor him in case his ego levels escalate again,” said Dr. Bob Ponovich of Minneapolis General Hospital. “Given his history of ego-tripping, we’re worried his condition may worsen quickly.”

When Jericho collapsed, he was in the middle of performing the song “Spider in my Mouth” from Fozzy’s latest album, dashing around the stage in a sleeveless leather jacket, flexing his biceps and goading the crowd to sing along with the ridiculous lyrics.

He fell to the stage mid-verse, unable to withstand the sheer mass of narcissism, which has been steadily escalating since his early days in WCW.

This is not the first such incident among professional wrestlers. Although it was widely reported that Shawn Michaels took time away from the ring in the 1990s because he “lost his smile,” he actually went for surgical ego-reduction.