Chris Jericho fronts the band Fozzy, which “would be just as famous if I weren’t a wrestler,” he says in the most darling way.

Wrestler-turned-rocker Chris Jericho is, experts insist, absolutely adorable for believing that his heavy metal band, Fozzy, would have a large fanbase even if he weren’t already a celebrity.

“Fozzy is getting noticed because we’re a great band,” Jericho said in the most lovably delusional way. “My career in wrestling is irrelevant to my music career.”

Jericho seems to earnestly believe that his status as one of the most beloved (or reviled) and recognizable wrestlers on earth has nothing to do with Fozzy’s album sales or appearances in the rock media.

Jericho says his lyrics “speak to fundamental truths that everyone can relate to.” As an example, he points to the lyrics of the new song Spider in My Mouth: “I woke up with a spider in my mouth, and a cockroach in my head.”

He frequently insists that “Fozzy’s music stands on its own merits,” and that his wrestling career is “totally separate” from any notoriety Fozzy is attaining.

Isn’t that just the most darling thing you’ve ever heard?