Jeff jarrett
Jeff Jarrett (right, that’s J-E-Double-F J-A-haha-Double-R E-Double-T) walks with his wife, who’s a real Karen.

According to numerous sources within the world of professional wrestling, the wife of grappler and country-music crooner Jeff Jarrett is a real Karen. 

“Oh yeah, she’s a Karen,” confirmed one anonymous source, who asked to be identified only as Kurt A. 

Mrs. Jarrett has, since making her television debut for TNA (Tits aNd Ass) Wrestling, been widely regarded as one of the wrestling industry’s most infamous Karens. 

Although she sometimes portrayed different characters on TNA programming — she was a Chatty Cathy for a period, before turning heel as a real Debbie Downer — but true fans have always known that, deep down, she is born to be a Karen. 


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