Jeff Hardy face pain
Jeff Hardy hit rock bottom of his addiction when he recently painted eyeballs on his eyelids.

Sources close to Jeff Hardy report that the popular wrestler is back in rehab, this time to overcome his dangerous and escalating addiction to face paint.

“Jeff’s addiction has really gotten out of hand,” a longtime friend of Hardy’s told Kayfabe News on condition of anonymity.

“At first, a few years ago, he was only using a bit of face paint, and only on special occasions. But his dependency on it just keep building.”

Substance abuse issues have plagued Hardy in recent years, resulting in suspensions from both WWE and TNA and requiring previous visits to rehab.

His friends and colleagues are hopeful and optimistic that Hardy can overcome his colorful demons.

“He hit rock-bottom when he started painting eyeballs onto his eyelids,” said a TNA employee. “I mean, that’s obviously the handiwork of a sick individual who needs professional help.”