jean claude van dam
Rob Van Dam (right) calls himself “one of a kind,” despite the uncanny similarities to action star Jean-Claude Van Damme (left).

A professional wrestler who modelled his name, appearance and martial arts-infused style after action star Jean-Claude Van Damme inexplicably calls himself “One of a Kind.”

Rob Van Dam apparently does not see the contradiction in his assertion, as he has used the “One of a Kind” tagline for more than a decade.

Many facets of Van Dam’s repertoire — from his leaping roundhouse kicks to his penchant for doing the splits between two chairs — are unquestionably inspired by Van Damme, who rose to fame as the star of Bloodsport, Kickboxer and other b-grade martial arts movies.

The wrestler has repeatedly ignored suggestions from friends that he change his nickname to “Second of His Kind.”

This is not the only contentious nickname used by Van Dam. He also repeatedly calls himself the “Whole F’n Show,” even while performing on the mid-card of events involving dozens of other, higher-profile wresters.