Papa shango godfather
Popular wrestler and pimp The Godfather will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, which has enraged a vindictive Papa Shango (inset).

Professional wrestler and voodoo priest Papa Shango is said to be “furious” after being once again overlooked by the WWE Hall of Fame, and has reportedly sought vengeance by putting a hex on 2016 inductee The Godfather.

According to witnesses, The Godfather — a popular wrestler and pimp — began feeling ill today after a mysterious black slime oozed down his forehead while conversing with friend Gene Okerlund.

He was rushed to a medical facility, where he began projectile-vomiting a sulphur-scented substance that one doctor described as “pure concentrated evil.”

The strange illness is remarkably similar to one suffered by the Ultimate Warrior in 1992, which was also widely attributed to the dark sorcery of Papa Shango.

The sickness is also an unfortunate setback for the Godfather, who was already recovering from injuries sustained during a Ho Train derailment earlier this year.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that The Goodfather and Kama Mustafa have also fallen ill with mystery ailments.


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