Steen devitt zayn kenta
Members of the IWC loved these wrestlers yesterday, but grew sick of them by this morning.

Many members of the so-called Internet Wrestling Community (IWC) — a subculture known for jaded cynicism and frequently shifting tastes — have already declared themselves sick of recent WWE signees including Sami Zayn, Kevin Steen, Hideo Itami, and Fergal Devitt.

Although some of these wrestlers have only appeared a small handful of times (if at all) as part of WWE’s developmental program, NXT, the smug fans are already dismissing them as overrated and played-out.

Zayn, Steen, Devitt, Itami and others were top stars of the independent wrestling scene, beloved for performing exciting matches in front of tiny crowds, but some pretentious fans seem irked that the wrestlers decided to actually make a half-decent living with WWE.

“Kevin Steen is such a sell-out,” posted one fan, who goes by the screen name NJPW4Lyfe, in

“And Devitt? Meh. He was only good as Pegasus Kid II in Japan.”

While the vast majority of wrestling fans — those who actually enjoy the silly, vaudevillian spectacles of Raw and Smackdown at face value without getting all snotty about it — have yet to see the NXT rookies in action, the jaded “smarks” of the IWC¬†are already in full complaining mode.

“I can’t believe KENTA (I refuse to call him Hideo Itami) hasn’t been future-endeavored yet,” wrote another fan, referring to the Japanese star who debuted on NXT last week.

Although the jaded IWC members represent only a tiny fraction of the overall wrestling fanbase, they are determined to ruin it for everyone.