NXT liar
This guy claims to have loved NXT from the beginning, and also insists he spent the summer hunting wolverines with his uncle in Alaska.

The recent upsurge in popularity of professional wrestling brand NXT is the result of “bandwagon-jumpers” who didn’t support it from the start the way Tyler Wilks, a liar, claims to have.

“I’ve been an NXT fan since day one,” fibbed Wilks, his proverbial pants on fire, to anyone who would listen seated near him at a recent NXT taping at Florida’s Full Sail University.

Wilks claims, somehow with a straight face, that he was “totally into” NXT in 2010, when the brand featured “rookies” paired with “pros” in a series of skits and stunts designed to embarrass wrestlers and fans alike.

Although it is now “cool” for wrestling fans to like NXT (inasmuch as wrestling fans can be “cool” at all), NXT was unanimously considered unwatchable in its early years, and was primarily just an extra hour during which commentators could plug the WWE App.

Friends and family of Wilks have grown accustomed to his self-aggrandizing lies about wrestling. He also insists that he knew the Undertaker would lose at WrestleMania 30, that he predicted the Montreal Screwjob, and that CM Punk was once really nice to him at an airport.