wwe thunderdome
WWE boss Vince McMahon said the WWE Thunderdome is “sports entertainment the way it was meant to be seen.”

The so-called WWE Universe has returned to live events after a year of lockdowns, but the feeling is unanimous: professional wrestling is much better when conducted in front of TV monitors, not humans. 

A chant of “We want Thunderome” broke out among the 12,000 fans in attendance at Raw in Florida last night, nearly all of whom wished they could have attended virtually via webcam. 

“A live audience is pointless in professional wrestling,” writes longtime wrestling journalist Dan Mutzler. “WWE events should be entirely virtual from now on.”

Professional wrestling has never really been a spectator sport. Audiences tend to be quiet and complacent, much like at a chess tournament, and the presence of crowds can be distracting to performers. 

A recent poll indicated that 93 percent of WWE fans would prefer to stare at their webcam, clapping and booing on command for the Thunderdome screens, than to attend a live event in person. 

“Quite frankly, live spectators do not add anything to an event,” said WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, “and the Superstars prefer to perform in front of video screens than real people, quite frankly.”


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