Professional wrestling has achieved yet another milestone in pop culture, becoming the only genre of entertainment in which every single one of its participants — active, retired, or independent or irrelevant — hosts a podcast.

According to a new census, every living professional wrestler, manager, promoter, referee, and timekeeper creates a downloadable radio show that each insists is “not like all the others.”

CM Punk shares stories of his recent conversion to Mormonism in the Power of Prayer Podcast.

In addition to well-established shows like Talk Is Jericho, Something to Wrestle With Bruce Prichard, and The Undertaker’s Dead Man Talkin’, a slew of new wrestling podcasts have been launched in recent weeks, including:

  • Screwin’ Around with Earl & Dave Hebner
  • Mordecai’s Sinister Gospel Hour
  • The Buzz, with Brian Blair & Jim Brunzell
  • Pillow Talk with Val Venis
  • Chillin’ with Glacier
  • Mike Adamle’s Raw Review
  • Scott Steiner’s Intellectual Dark Web
  • CM Punk’s Power of Prayer Podcast
  • Hornswoggle’s Karaoke Hour
  • The Weekly Virgil Telethon
  • The Knox County Council Meeting Roundup with Kane
  • Postmodern Feminist Poetry Review featuring Brock Lesnar
  • The Ralphus Experience

Given the extreme market saturation of wrestling podcasts, some of the original pioneers of the field are now seeking new ways to reach fans.

Colt Cabana, for instance, whose Art of Wrestling ostensibly started the wrestling podcast movement, is experimenting with a virtual reality system that allows audiences to not only hear stories from independent wrestling events, but also smell the scent of 200 unhygienic young men in a poorly ventilated armory.


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