Kane rollins
Deranged dentist Isaac Yankem has vowed to give Seth Rollins a root canal.

Things went from bad to worse this week for Seth Rollins when nefarious dentist Isaac Yankem returned to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) to terrorize the champion.

Already the target of attacks by demonic Kane and business-slacks Kane, Rollins is now in danger of having his teeth pulled by Yankem, who has been inexplicably absent from WWE for nearly two decades.

At a live event in Toronto last night, Yankem was spotted lurking backstage, clutching a rusty dental drill and grinning maniacally. Oddly, Kane was nowhere to be seen.

According to WWE commentator Jerry Lawler (a longtime patient of Yankem’s), the deranged dentist is determined to capture Rollins’ championship belt in order to melt it down for fillings.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that Rollins is also being stalked by Unabomb, the Christmas Creature, and someone who looks vaguely like Diesel.