IWC wrestling
A typical resident of the IWC in its natural habitat.

In a new United Nations report that ranks communities worldwide, the Internet Wrestling Community (IWC) is described as “a fine place to visit, but you wouldn’t want to live there.”

Though the IWC ranked better than Baghdad and Mogadishu, it was deemed “one of the more unpleasant places to spend extended periods of time,” faring worse than Death Valley and Mudlick, Kentucky.

According to the report, “visitors to the IWC might be taken aback by the high volume of complaining, misspelled tweeting, bickering over things that don’t matter, and know-it-alls yammering about the Bullet Club.”

The reports rankings were based on a number of quantitative metrics, including:

  • General hygiene of inhabitants
  • General positivity and optimism
  • Average education level
  • Difficulty of local dialect for outsiders to understand
  • Male-to-female ratio

The Internet Wrestling Community ranked poorly in all these areas, though no worse than the comic book and Battlestar Galactica communities.

On a positive note, the report does state that inhabitants of the Internet Wrestling Community do possess the “admirable ability to laugh at themselves on occasion.”



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