Luther Reigns roman
While Roman Reigns recovers from surgery, his brother Luther (inset) will fulfil his WWE duties

Following the shocking announcement that popular wrestler Roman Reigns had been hospitalized for emergency hernia surgery, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has announced that Reigns’ in-ring duties will be fulfilled by his brother, Luther Reigns.

Demonstrating WWE’s show-must-go-on mentality, Luther Reigns will take Roman’s place in a much-hyped showdown against former Shield member Seth Rollins at this Sunday’s Night of Champions pay-per-view event.

Many fans expressed surprise to learn that 42-year-old Luther, who has not set foot in a WWE ring since 2005, is related to Roman at all.

Although both men are imposingly muscular and stand six-foot-five, Luther’s Samoan lineage is far less obvious due to his light skin tone and other caucasian features.

During his underwhelming stints in WCW and WWE, Luther Reigns (or Horshu, as he was occasionally known for reasons that were never entirely clear) exhibited many of the characteristics for which his little brother is now known — namely, big muscles, a limited moveset, and a goatee.

Tweeting from his hospital bed, Roman Reigns wrote to fans: “Please cheer for my big brother Luther while I recover. You probably won’t even notice the difference.”


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