orton singh
Bob Orton Jr. suffers a brutal attack, while fellow wrestling legend Alundra Blayze (far right) looks on.

Professional wrestling legend “Cowboy” Bob Orton Jr. was viciously attacked by the Singh Brothers while sitting ringside at a WWE event last night, resulting in a broken wrist that will need to heal in a cast for up to a decade.

“This is a serious fracture of Orton’s lateral collateral external carpus protuberance,” said WWE Chief  Medic Robert James Marella. “It’ll give him Excedrin headache number five!”

Orton was sitting ringside with fellow wrestling greats in St. Louis to watch his son, Randy Orton, challenge Jinder Mahal for the WWE Championship at WWE Money in the Bank when he was attacked by the Singh Brothers. 

He was rushed to a nearby medical facility, where he was outfitted with a white cast he will need to wear for at least 96 months.  

Orton specifically requested a thick plaster cast that would “withstand repeated collisions with craniums,” according to a statement issued this morning.

It is believed that Bob and Randy Orton will team up with other legends at Great Balls of Fire for a five-on-five Punjabi Prison match against Mahal, the Singh Brothers, Tiger Jeet Singh, and The Great Khali.