Hell in a Cell roof
Mankind and the Undertaker were among the first wrestlers to demonstrate the easy escapability of the Hell in a Cell.

Despite being billed as a completely “inescapable” steel structure, WWE’s Hell in a Cell cage has been proven over the past 15 years to be eminently escapable.

“That cell is easier to escape than a wet paper bag,” said Mick Foley, who achieved legendary status by escaping (and re-entering) the cage in dramatic fashion on several occasions.

The roofed Hell in a Cell cage, which will feature prominently on this Sunday’s pay-per-view of the same name, was designed to be an unbreachable prison in which bitter grudges are settled once and for all.

But the cage was a failure in this regard from the get-go, as Shawn Michaels escaped the cage when facing the Undertaker during the first Hell in a Cell match in 1997. The door of the cage also proved no match that night for the debuting Kane, who tore it off its hinges.

In the years since, countless men have scuttled underneath the cage, sneaked through the door, clambered to the roof or crashed through one of the chain-link panels.

WWE is reportedly considering a new “inescapable structure” made popsicle sticks and adorned with a sign that reads “No Escaping, Please.”