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Daniel Bryan has lost confidence lately, resulting in non-commital shouts of “Maybe!”

Popular professional wrestler Daniel Bryan — known for his monosyllabic hollers of affirmation or negation, “yes” and “no” — has lost confidence recently, causing him to frequently yell “maybe!”

“Daniel used to be so self-assured,” said Bryan’s longtime tag team partner, Kane.

“But lately, he seems very unsure of himself, which explains why he’s always screaming ‘maybe.'”

In the past, Bryan has punctuated his shouts with enthusiastic upward thrusting of his arms, index fingers pointed skyward. Lately, however, he has accompanied his utterances of “maybe” with a listless shrug of the shoulders.

Bryan is reportedly seeking counselling from WWE chief psychiatrist Dr. Shelby, with whom Bryan has a long history of treatment for anger management issues.

Dr. Shelby and Brian made a minor breakthrough yesterday when Bryan replaced “maybe” with “perhaps,” and eventually even progressed to yelling “quite possibly!”