In-ring wedding
An upcoming wedding inside a wrestling ring should go off without any snags, say its planners.

The planners of an upcoming wedding, which will unfold inside a professional wrestling ring, say they expect the ceremony will run smoothly.

“We’ve planned everything perfectly,” said Natalya, who will be the maid of honor in the wedding ceremony of fellow WWE Diva Kaitlyn and her soon-to-be-revealed secret admirer.

“What could possibly go wrong?”

Natalya and other members of the wedding party have arranged for a white carpet, altar and flowers to be set up inside a WWE ring, and have hired Reverend Slick to perform the ceremony.

Everyone involved seems optimistic that the ceremony will proceed without any snags or hiccups, apparently oblivious to the fact that no in-ring wedding in wrestling history has unfolded as planned.

“Sure, the bride and groom are a little nervous,” Natalya said, “but that’s natural. It’s not like there’ll be a brawl or anything!”

Some have suggested that the marriage is premature, given that Kaitlyn doesn’t yet know the identity of her husband-to-be, leading to suspicions about the motives of her secret admirer.

Natalya laughed off suggestions that the wedding might go sour, saying such fears are are “totally without precedent.”