Vince quite frankly
When asked how frankly Vince McMahon spoke, one witness said: “Quite!”

Sports-entertainment impresario Vince McMahon opened up to Oprah Winfrey this week in a rare one-on-one interview, and the WWE boss spoke quite frankly about things of that nature. 

The interview is being held under tight wraps until it airs next month, but sources who have seen it have been struck by McMahon’s frankness, which has been described by one witness as “quite frank.”

Oprah is known for her ability to draw emotional confessions out of interviewees, and she managed to get the usually-guarded McMahon to be frank — quite frank, at times — about things, particularly of that nature. 

At one point in the interview, Vince is joined by son-in-law Hunter Hearst Helmsley, who tearfully opens up about a subject he has never discussed in public before, “this business.” 

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