strowman not finished
Braun Strowman loves hurting people — and eating scrumptious desserts.

His beard sticky with chocolate sauce and bedecked with rainbow sprinkles, deranged professional wrestler Braun Strowman roared today at a triple-scooper sundae: “I’m not finished with you!”

Strowman then attacked the half-eaten sundae with a plastic spoon, sending a blood-red splatter of cherry juice across his forehead. 

The former Wyatt Family brute, who was also not finished with the peanut-butter cookie accompanying his chilly treat, proceeded to brutalize the sundae while horrified children at the Dairy Queen watched in disbelief.

Strowman had treated himself to the cookie and the sundae, as well as a packet of Sour Patch Kids, after his successful return to WWE to attack Roman Reigns, with whom he was also not yet finished. 

After devouring every last dollop of the sundae, Strowman emitted his trademark roar due to a severe case of ice-cream headache.