WWE The Shield
The Ikea Monkey is believed to be working with The Shield to rectify injustices the group sees in WWE (and Ikea) practices.

The tiny rhesus monkey recently spotted at a Toronto Ikea store has been connected to covert professional wrestling faction The Shield.

The monkey’s sudden, mysterious appearance and unknown motives have led many to conclude that he is the much-rumored fourth member of The Shield.

Much like Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, the monkey has been tight-lipped about his motivations, and prefers to be judged by his actions. Also like the members of the Shield, the monkey dresses strangely.

Some believe the monkey’s appearance at Ikea was in protest of the “injustices” suffered by people forced to assemble cheap Swedish furniture with only an allen wrench and insufficient instructions.

A photograph obtained by Kayfabe News seems to depict the monkey sitting on the lap of Seth Rollins at The Shield’s headquarters, which seems to be some kind of carpet warehouse.