reigns rollins
Twin brothers Kyle and Todd Menderchuk, aged 36, are better known as “Roman Reigns” and “Seth Rollins.”

Identical twin brothers Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins —  born Kyle and Todd Menderchuk, just 40 minutes apart — will face one another tonight on Raw, and the referee is going to have a heck of a time telling who’s who!

The twins, who still adorably sport the same sopping-wet hairstyle and beard, are veritable mirror-images of one another, except Kyle has a large tattoo and small charisma. 

The Menderchuk twins spent their childhood tricking teachers, parents and friends by performing “twin magic,” a routine later adopted by The Bella Twins (who themselves can only be told apart by two distinguishing features). 

When the Twinsies, as they call themselves, go toe-to-to in the squared circle tonight, the befuddled commentators will likely only be able to tell them apart because Kyle wears a darling little SWAT Team costume. 

Discerning fans, if they watch very closely, might notice that one of the boys clearly has more in-ring experience and technical prowess — Kyle (Reigns) is inarguably the more polished of the two.