Fans of WWE were sports-entertained-to-tears last night by the emotional return of an enigmatic character who suddenly disappeared from the spotlight years ago: Husky Harris. 

The former NXT standout made a surprise return on Smackdown, which was unfortunately hampered by a power failure at the arena, which required Harris to use an oil lantern to make his way to the ring in the dark. Fans kindly illuminated the way by holding up their phones (creating a twinkling effect akin to a swarm of lightning bugs, or perhaps glowworms). 

His return has sparked speculation that other legends of THE NEXUS could follow, and social media is abuzz with chatter about a potential return of Skip Sheffield, who hasn’t been seen since breaking his ankle during a 2010 match. 

Harris, a second-generation WWE Superstar (son of “8-Ball” Ron Harris), has not been seen on WWE programming since was viciously punted in the head by Randy Orton in 2011. 

During a heartfelt speech on Smackdown, Harris did not explain where he has been for the past 11 years, but rather thanked the fans for welcoming him back after such a mysterious absence. 

Michael McGillicutty could not be reached for comment.


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