WWE fan beat up
Do not attempt moonsaults in a biker bar, learned this man.

A 33-year-old wrestling fan was hospitalized last night after learning first-hand that his favorite maneuvers from the WWE ring fail to be quite as effective during a bar brawl.

Tyler Peterson of Tallahassee was painfully surprised when his attempted hurricanrana — a leg-scissors takedown popularized by Mexican luchadors — utterly failed to neutralize an angry drunk biker at Zeke’s Country Roadhouse.

When a full-out melee erupted in the tavern, Patterson was again surprised to realize that his attempt at a vertical suplex had barely begun before he got jabbed with a broken beer bottle in the groin.

Peterson continued to be pummelled as he tried — and failed — to perform a 619 between two tables, a moonsault off the bar, and a five-knuckle shuffle on a man who clobbered him with a broken chair leg.

Peterson, who suffered multiple fractures and lacerations, told doctors he “clearly needs to work on reversals.”