New day unicorns
Hulk Hogan says he has nothing against chimerical figments of fantastical whimsy.

Legendary professional wrestler Hulk Hogan is in hot water due to a leaked audio recording that seems to capture him making disparaging comments about unicorns.

A voice believed to be Hogan’s can be heard calling the unicorns “cornies,” a colloquial slur for the mythical one-horned creatures, and insisting he wouldn’t want his daughter dating one.

“I’m OK with some cornies, brother,” the voice concedes. “Some of my closest friends are imaginary equines, dude. I just think they should mate with their own kind, so we don’t end up with a bunch of babies with horns coming out of their foreheads, brother.”

A number of Hogan’s former wrestling colleagues have come to his defence, insisting they never heard him make any inappropriate comments about unicorns, pixies, gnomes, warlocks or any other chimerical beings.

Some experts insist the voice on the recording is not Hogan’s at all, but belongs instead to a completely different former wrestler named Mr. America.


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