Recovering in hospital after an overdue hip-replacement surgery, legendary professional wrestler Mick Foley got an unexpected and ill-fated visit from a Nurse Austin, whose unpleasant bedside manner included assault with a deadly bedpan. 

Austin foley bedpan
Nurse Austin seemed awfully aggressive and muscular for a healthcare professional.

Foley, who underwent the surgery without anesthetic because he is hardcore, was enjoying a delightful visit from Yurple the Clown and old friend Mr. Socko when a large nurse in tight-fitting scrubs entered the room.

Startled, Mr. Socko scuttled back to his humid home in the crotch of Foley’s sweatpants, and Yurple dashed to safety, honking a bicycle horn to alert hospital security.

But it was too late, as the nurse revealed himself to be Foley’s longtime friend/nemesis/friend/nemesis/friend/nemesis “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

Austin grabbed a nearby bedpan and proceeded to “open up a pan of whoop-ass” on the helpless Foley, who writhed in agony for the TV cameras that just happened to be in the hospital room for some reason.

Following the attack, when asked by reporters what motivated such violence, Austin seemed not to hear the question: “Pardon!?!” Austin barked. “Pardon?!?

Despite the commotion, the sore hip and the throbbing headache, the ever-jolly Foley later said he had a nice day.


Speedy recovery, Mick!