WWE halloween
Randolph Weber was complimented this Halloween on his Bray Wyatt Costume.

Randolph Weber, a destitute homeless man who lives beneath a Dallas overpass, was complimented on Halloween night for what onlookers mistook to be a Bray Wyatt costume.

Weber was scrounging for food scraps in a bin behind a local Safeway when he was spotted by a pair of wrestling fans, who rushed over and asked to take a picture with him.

“Fantastic costume, man!” said one of the fans. “The beard, the greasy hair, the thrift-store clothes, the stink — well done, dude! Follow the buzzards!”

The mistaken identity may have stemmed from a cardboard sign Weber was holding that read “Need $$ to eat worlds.” ┬áThe fans mistook the sign as a hint at Wyatt’s nickname, Eater of Worlds, but really it was just an expression of Weber’s intense hunger.

Weber, who has lived on the streets for 17 years and hasn’t had a shower since the Clinton administration, was surprised and confused by the attention, since he has never heard of Bray Wyatt.

The same fans later saw spotted action movie star Steven Seagal and complimented him on his great Paul Heyman costume.