Hogan racist
“The African Dream” Akeem insists Hulk Hogan should not perpetuate outdated racial stereotypes.

The offensive comments allegedly made by legendary pro wrestler Hulk Hogan are “deeply hurtful to me and my community,” commented Hogan’s former colleague, Akeem.

Akeem, who hails from deepest darkest Africa, wiggled and shimmied his enormous girth to the rhythm of tribal drumming while criticizing Hogan.

“Mannn, that white boy be craaazyyy,” said The African Dream.

Akeem’s friend Slick, a noted jive soul bro, echoed Akeem’s sentiments, insisting that Hogan should be punished for reinforcing outdated racial stereotypes.

WWE Hall of Famer Rowdy Roddy Piper expressed┬áthat he had “mixed feelings” about the controversy by painting half his body black.