Silver bowl
Hulk Hogan attended the Silver Bowl at the New Orleans Silver Dome several years ago.

Though he is best known for his legendary appearances at WrestleMania, retired pro wrestler Hulk Hogan is also an avid fan of football, and says he can’t wait for today’s Silver Bowl.

“It’s always great to watch the Silver Bowl, brother,” Hogan said to close friend Brutus Beefcake while the duo were rubbing baby oil on each other’s leathery¬†musculatures.

Hogan is hosting a “Silver Bowl Party” at his Tampa home this afternoon with a dozen of his friends, none of whom have the heart to tell him that the annual football championship game¬†is actually called the Super Bowl.

Hogan is believed to have a rare cognitive disorder that makes him occasionally use incorrect words, like “silver” instead of “super,” and “brother” instead of “fellow wrestler to whom I am not actually a sibling.”

At his Silver Bowl party, Hogan intends to give his friends beer (“Coors, the Super Bullet,” as he puts it), and will serve food he bought at the silvermarket.

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