Hogan bass
An obviously doctored picture taken from Hulk Hogan's Facebook page, which purports to show the wrestler playing bass with Coldplay.

Wrestling legend Hulk Hogan sparked public concern about his mental health this week when he purported to be the current bassist of British alt-rock band Coldplay.

The patently false statement came on the heels of other dubious claims by Hogan — namely that he was once considered as a bassist for both The Rolling Stones and Metallica.

“I am totally Coldplay’s current bassist, brother,” Hogan said in a rambling, largely indecipherable video posted earlier this week on his YouTube channel. “In fact, I’m the guy who came up with the name Coldplay, dude!”

In a statement released yesterday by Coldplay’s management, lead vocalist Chris Martin said that “Hulk Hogan has never been a member of Coldplay, and the whole band — including our real bassist, Guy Berryman — hopes Mr. Hogan seeks treatment for his delusions.”

Hogan was unreachable for comment today, but his voicemail indicated that he was “solving world hunger” and “inventing an invisibility cloak.”