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Hulk Hogan (real name Hulk Menderchuk) has made his most shocking statement yet, which is saying something!

Semi-retired sports-entertainer Hulk Hogan is in the headlines again, this time with a shocking revelation about an audacious deception he committed nearly two decades ago. 

During a teary-eyed video posted on Twitter, Hogan asked his “Hulkamaniacs” for understanding and forgiveness, and then read aloud a prepared statement: 

“I deceived you all, and that was wrong, brothers. In 2003, when I was supposedly taking time away from the ring, I was actually performing in disguise as Mr. America. I lied, and that was wrong, and for that I apologize, dude.”

Hogan’s confession was met with widespread shock and disbelief, especially because the core tenets of Hulkamania forbid fibbing, and Hogan has never fibbed before. 

One source close to Hogan, who asked to be identified only as Brutus B., said that the weight of guilt Hogan felt over the lie “came crashing down and he hurt inside.”

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