Hulk Hogan burned hand
Hulk Hogan sought advice from Kane regarding his severely burned hand (inset).

Legendary professional wrestler Hulk Hogan recently contacted former colleague Kane seeking advice on how to treat severe burns.

Hogan was treated in a Tampa hospital yesterday after a radiator “exploded” in his hand, burning off much of the skin.

Hogan immediately called Kane, who was badly burned during a suspicious fire at the funeral home where he grew up, to ask about the best ways to treat seared flesh.

Kane, who hid behind a mask for years to cover up his scars — which later miraculously healed, allowing him to perform for many years without a mask, only to mysteriously reappear a few years ago — recommended aloe moisturizing cream and a lust for vengeance.

Kane also promised to send Hogan a miniature leather mask to wear over his hand until the wounds have healed.