Mordecai WWE
Mordecai is mysteriously absent from the History of WWE DVD (inset).

The newly released History of WWE documentary, which purports to showcase “50 Years of Sports Entertainment,” is being widely criticized for the glaring omission of Mordecai from its narrative.

In what is being blasted by critics as an “egregious oversight,” the pioneering contributions of Mordecai — a crusading former priest who nobly sought to rid WWE of sin — are completely missing from the three-hour documentary.

The makers of the documentary seem to have forgotten, or deliberately overlooked, Mordecai’s reign of WWE dominance between April and May 2004, including his groundbreaking feud with Scotty 2 Hotty.

Although many of Mordecai’s fellow wrestling legends — the likes of Bruno Sammartino, Bob Backlund and Hulk Hogan — are prominently featured in the film, Mordecai’s absence has led many fans to allege that WWE is “re-writing history.”

“How can you tell the story of WWE without talking about Mordecai?!” complained one fan on Twitter named @Thorn666. “That’s like leaving Jesus out of the Bible.”

The History of DVD has been widely criticized for a number of other glaring oversights and omissions, given the conspicuous absences of Outback Jack, Mantaur, and Big Bully Busick.