Better Call Saul spin-off
Paul Heyman will essentially play himself as the duplicitous sleazeball Paul Edmund Dangerously in “Better Call Paul.”

Professional wrestling personality Paul Heyman has confirmed that he will star in a spin-off of WWE’s weekly Raw program called Better Call Paul.

In the largely autobiographical role, Heyman will portray Paul Edmund Dangerously, a sleazy, loudmouthed wrestling promoter-turned-manager who psychologically manipulates his enemies through deceit and false promises.

Set in Albuquerque, NM, Better Call Paul chronicles how Heyman’s character bends the law to help his motley  group of “clients” attain ill-gotten victories.

Said to be “darkly comic” and “utterly riveting,” Better Call Paul will fill a hole in AMC’s Sunday night line-up starting in several weeks.

Television critics who have seen the show’s pilot have called Heyman “a natural” in the role of a duplicitous weasel.

Actor Bob Odenkirk, however, has critiqued Heyman’s portrayal as “a bit derivative.”