lesnar asuka
Is this an insane mismatch? You never know — Lesnar might stand a chance.

It seems nobody is ready for Asuka in the Women’s Division of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) — as evidenced by her 276-match winning streak — but Paul Heyman insists Asuka will be no match for his client, Brock Lesnar.

Heyman issued a challenge to Asuka at a press conference this morning, insisting that Lesnar will “become the 1 in Asuka’s 276 and 1,” mimicking the language he used four years ago when referring to the Undertaker’s streak (which was just a measly 21 matches before Lesnar broke it).

“Eat, sleep, conquer Asuka’s streak,” Heyman hollered 43 consecutive times, while a nearby Lesnar hopped jauntily from one foot to the other, staring blankly into the middle-distance.

When asked by reporters if a Lesnar-Asuka bout was mismatch (due to the 125-pound weight disparity and 13-inch different in their respective heights), Heyman dismissed the question as sexist.

“Women and men in WWE are all Superstars, and must be treated equally,” he said. “Get with the times.”

Despite Heyman’s boasts, Asuka is widely expected to easily win the bout.

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