Ryback goldberg
Ryback (left) and Goldberg (right) have never squared off, due to concerns expressed by antimatter physicists.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) honcho Vince McMahon claims to be in the business of “putting smiles on faces,” but there will be a lot of frowning among fans until he gives them that they truly want: Goldberg versus Ryback.

“Fans have been chanting for this dream match since Ryback’s debut,” says longtime wrestling journalist Dan Mutzler. “The dream match must happen at — nay, it must main-event — WrestleMania. 

Goldberg is one of the most successful sports-entertainers in history, having defeated icons such as Hugh Morris and Van Hammer. Ryback, on the other hand, is one of the other-most-successful sports-entertainers in history, though he has struggled with overeating due to a tapeworm infestation.

Wrestling fans know what they want, and what they want is obviously Ryback versus Goldberg. The fans don’t lie, and they’ve been chanting for this match for years. 

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