Table singh A professional wrestling commentary table is being celebrated as a hero this week after sacrificing itself to save yet another wrestler from a potentially lethal collision with the floor of an arena. 

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) issued a press release today commending the desk for “selflessly putting itself in harm’s way” to save the life of Samir Singh, who fell from atop the Punjabi Prison last Sunday after being punched by Randy Orton. 

The table has saved countless wrestlers from severe injury, paralysis or even death over the past several decades, slowing their plummets as they have fallen from cages and other precipices. 

“If that table hadn’t been there, I’d have been a goner,” said WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley, whose notorious fall from Hell in a Cell was slowed by the altruistic table. 

“I’d like to thank every table that has sacrificed its body to help save mine. They are the real heroes.”

The table is expected to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in April, alongside Steel Chair, Kendo Stick, and Tall Long-Haired Fan Who is Always Ringside With His Mom.