wwe spanish table
Godspeed, brave announce table.

The Spanish-language commentary table at a recent sports-entertaining event once again sacrificed its own wellbeing to protect an athlete from a potentially devastating direct collision with the arena floor.

Without the table selflessly absorbing and dispersing some of his kinetic energy, Shane McMahon would surely have suffered serious injury after plummeting from the top turnbuckle to the ringside area.

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Altruistic tables have been putting themselves in harm’s way for decades, shattering under the weight of falling wrestlers in an effort to prevent what would otherwise be catastrophic bumps.

In many cases, the these unsung heroes are quickly rebuilt and re-broken again and again, rarely getting the credit they deserve for their lifesaving work.

“That brave Spanish announce table saved my life during Hell in a Cell,” recalls Mick Foley. “Someday I hope to induct it into the WWE Hall of Fame.”

WWE is reportedly compiling a video tribute to all the selfless tables that have put the wellbeing of Superstars ahead of their own, set to the soundtrack of Creed’s “My Sacrifice.”