Ever wondered what happens when the cameras stop rolling at the WWE ThunderDome once Raw goes off the air each Monday?

Well here’s a behind-the-scenes chronicle of what happened this week! 

  • 11 pm ET: Raw goes off the air with shocking and “historic” cliffhanger that will be mostly forgotten in a week or two
  • 11:01 pm ET: TV cameras turn off
  • 11:02 pm ET: Ring crew removes canvas for weekly stream-cleaning and de-syphilisization
  • 11:09 pm ET: Vince McMahon abruptly leaves in his limo for his private jet, and every wrestler backstage worries that the boss is in a bad mood and going to fire them. Continues through 4am. 
  • 11:15 pm ET: All performers and crew required to leave the ThunderDome so it can be sanitized to kill all traces of Coronavirus, syphilis, and ICO PRO
  • 11:17 pm ET: Reginald, the kindly security guard at the WWE Thunderdome, locks the door and drives his 1997 Hyundai Elantra to his bachelor apartment on the southern outskirts of Orlando. 
  • 11:47pm ET: Bobby Lashley realizes he forgot his phone in the ThunderDome locker room, breaks in through a second-storey window, but trips on a misplaced kendo stick and sprains his ankle

Can you believe it!?

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