Payback off the air
This is not what happened when Payback went off the air!

You won’t believe what happened when World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrapped up its Payback event tonight and the broadcast went off the air!

On second thought, you might believe it.

According to backstage sources, the Superstars and Divas cleaned themselves up, changed into their normal clothes, and then drove rental cars to hotels where they went right to bed because they have an early start tomorrow.

Fans who attended the event at the Royal Farm Arena in Baltimore shuffled in an orderly fashion out of the venue, chattering to one another about the highs and lows of the event, and struggled for at least 45 minutes to get out of the parking lot or catch a cab.

Surly WWE roadies, meanwhile, set about the tedious and exhausting work of dismantling the ring, staging area, and lighting rig, then loading all the gear into large trucks, all the while wishing they had stayed in school to improve their job prospects.

The whole post-show routine was quite dull and unremarkable.

We’re not sure why you were interested in reading about it in the first place.

Shouldn’t you be headed to bed yourself? G’night, slugger.