Professional wrestler and WWE corporate bigwig Hunter Hearst Helmsley achieved a milestone yesterday when he drank an entire bottle of water without spewing it all over himself.

For years, Helmsley has suffered from a rare physiological disorder called Esophageal Aqua-Evacuation Reflux, which forces him to involuntarily regurgitate water in a geyser-like spray when he attempts to drink it.

“It has been a very difficult struggle for him,” said his wife, Stephanie Helmsley-McMahon. “He tries to drink water before a match to avoid dehydration, but invariably sprays it all over himself in front of the fans, which is terribly embarrassing. Heck, I’ve even done it myself, and it is mortifying.”

Yesterday, after an extensive bout of physiotherapy and counselling, Helmsley consumed an entire bottle of Evian water without a single mishap.

We have the live footage of him attempting this feat again for the cameras:

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