Hebner twins
Dave Hebner masquerades as Earl Hebner pretending to be Dave Hebner in an Earl Hebner disguise.

Longtime wrestling referees Dave and Earl Hebner managed to trick themselves into a “screwjob” match finish by performing a “twin magic” switcheroo when their own backs were turned.

Typically, “twin magic” is used by wrestlers to fool referees — such as when the Bella Twins surreptitiously swap places mid-match — but the maneuver was taken to an absurd extreme at a TNA Wrestling event.

While refereeing a match between Eric Young and Kurt Angle, Earl Hebner was gently nudged, which of course rendered him temporarily unconscious.

With the referee down, cheating could ensue unabated — and it did when Dave Hebner emerged from under the ring and swapped places with his incapacitated twin brother.

When Earl regained consciousness, he was fooled by his brother’s deception and — fearing he was seeing his own doppelganger — ran screaming in abject terror from the arena.

The match devolved into utter chaos when both Abyss and Joseph Park interfered in the match, which sparked a run-in by Christopher Daniels and Curry Man.