Sheamus wish
This heroic little boy made a wish on behalf of wrestling fans worldwide.

Professional wrestler Sheamus made a dream come true for a little boy — and for wrestling fans everywhere — when he granted a Make-A-Wish request to forfeit his WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Twelve-year-old Timmy Ward, who suffers from a rare form of besmarkilitis, had been gloomy ever since Sheamus successfully cashed-in his Money in the Bank contract last month, said his parents.

“Timmy just doesn’t see Sheamus as a compelling champion,” explained his teary-eyed mother, moments after the Make-A-Wish Foundation stripped the Irishman of the championship. “He says that, if he had another wish, he’d put the strap on Cesaro. Isn’t he a little angel?”

In accordance with Timmy’s wish, the now-vacant WWE Championship will go to the winner of a battle royal on this week’s episode of Raw, in which Sheamus will not be allowed to compete.

Another Make-a-Wish recipient, nine-year-old Bobby McCrae, has requested that WWE fire the writers who booked Sheamus’ title win in the first place.