Wrestling what
Hearing-impaired members of the WWE audience justifiably request that wrestlers repeat themselves a little louder.

Although the notorious “What?!” chant has resonated through wrestling arenas for more than a decade, it was actually justified when 500 members of the American Association of the Hearing Impaired attended WWE Raw last week.

“What?!” they chanted earnestly, expressing a unanimous desire for The Miz to repeat himself a little louder. “What?!”

Wresting crowds have been mindlessly hollering “What?!” ever since Stone Cold Steve Austin started the trend in 2001 — even though the monosyllabic utterance is stupid and long past its expiration date.

The 500 hearing-impaired audience member’s at Monday’s Raw event in Philadelphia, however, were merely struggling to hear what was being said in the ring.

The live audience also included 300 guests from the American Association for the Blind, who shouted in agreement when John Cena proclaimed “You can’t see me!”