TNA cancelled
Pete Hennessey says “competition is good for the wrestling business,” but devotes 100 percent of his attention to the industry-monopolizing WWE.

Despite not having watched an episode of TNA Wrestling since early 2005, wrestling fan Pete Hennessey insists he is “shocked and saddened” that the company’s flagship program, Impact Wrestling, has been dropped by Spike TV.

“It’s so sad that such a talented roster won’t get TV exposure,” said 29-year-old Hennessey, who mistakenly believes AJ Styles is still an active TNA performer.

Hennessey, who almost attended a TNA house show in his hometown once but decided to play nine hours of Grand Theft Auto IV instead, says he thinks Spike TV “should reconsider its hasty decision” to cancel Impact Wrestling.

“Competition is good for the wrestling industry,” he says, despite having exclusively watched World Wrestling Entertainment — the promotion that holds a de facto monopoly on the wrestling industry — his whole life.

“I mean, look at the Monday Night Wars,” he adds, referring to WWE’s ratings battle with World Championship Wrestling (WCW), another promotion Hennessey never watched.

Hennessey also claims to be a “huge fan” of New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW), though he has never seen a single moment of it.