Greg Valentine
Though pushing 60 when this photo was taken, Greg Valentine shows off a head of hair that doesn't look at a day over 18.

The medical community is baffled by the discovery that, despite the passage of several decades since his wrestling heyday, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine’s hair hasn’t aged a day.

While Valentine has developed the typical facial wrinkles and leathery skin that result from years of tanning, his flowing golden locks remain wholly unaffected by the ceaseless march of Father Time.

Valentine, a former Intercontinental and tag team champion who vanquished opponents with the figure-four leglock, said he is “as surprised as anyone” by the ageless luster and body of his coif.

Hair-care giant Pantene has reportedly offered Valentine $350,000 for a single strand of his hair for research and development. Valentine, however, is holding out amid rumours of a Hair vs. Streak match against the Undertaker at WrestleMania.