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With guests like The Greatest Khali and the Greatest Muta, the Greatest Royal Rumble will be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) announced today that its Greatest Royal Rumble event on April 27 in Saudi Arabia will feature several special guest entrants, including The Greatest Khali and The Greatest Muta, among some of the world’s other greatest wrestlers.

“The Greatest Royal Rumble will be the greatest thing in the history of greatness,” said a WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, “and I’m not prone to hyperbole, quite frankly.”

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Among other entrants in the 50-Man Muhammad Hassan Memorial Royal Rumble:

  • The Greatest Sasuke
  • The Greatest Malenko
  • The Greatest Kabuki
  • The World’s Greatestest Tag Team
  • The Greatest Power Uti

The Greatest Royal Rumble was originally scheduled to be held in Greatest Britain, but was moved to Saudi Arabia because the country’s tourism bureau claims it is “one of the greatest wonders of the world, greater even than The Greatest Wall of China or the Greatest Barrier Reef.”

Greatest Britain is now on the shortlist to host WWE’s next-greatest pay-per-view, Greatest Balls of Fire.

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